Orbelia Winery – Struma Valley , Melnik , Bulgaria

The Winery


The winery has new, modern technological equipment purchased from leading manufacturers from Bulgaria and Italy. Our containers capacity is from 1000 liters to 10,000 liters, which allows us to produce small batches of high quality wines. We monitor the quality of our wines in a modern laboratory. The aging of wine is in oak barrels in a special room.

Vine harvest

The harvesting of Vintage is one of the most significant events in our region. The Maturation of the grapes is strictly monitored by our team of oenologists and agronomists, as each plot are analyzed, waiting to reach optimum ripeness. All the grapes are picked by hand and in boxes, sorted and used only healthy grains. The grapes are crushed very gently, we separate  clusters of grapes and gravitationally transported in a container where  alcoholic fermentation takes place.


For cooling of the grapes before fermentation, we are using natural mountain temperatures or additional cooling pulps in heat exchangers.


Once fermentation is complete the wine is aged in Bulgarian, French, American and Hungarian 225 l. oak barrels . The period of aging is determined individually for each wine by our oenologists. The purpose of aging is to allow a wine’s aromas and flavors to develop before it is bottled. Then comes the moment of mixing of the wines to do our coupage wines.



Wine tasting

Orbelia winery invites you to join us for an unforgettable journey through time. We offer our guests a wine tour and tasting of our wines, for both group and individual visits. During the wine tour you will have the opportunity to learn how we produce and store our wines, also you will get knowledge on the classification of wines, their identification, proper food combining, etc.


We also offer program “do-it-yourself wine” where you have the chance, in a pleasant atmosphere, to blending two wines and make your wine. Be creative and make your individual wine that brings the characteristics of your own personal taste. A wonderful keepsake that will remind you of an exciting adventure in the world of wine in winery Orbelia.